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True story

True story

Don’t worry slave, it’s Friday.
(Photo: Jayninety)

Don’t worry slave, it’s Friday.

(Photo: Jayninety)

10 toxic character types you'll meet on the job

Your 10 possible office mates..

todays part of my job

I dont like to talk about my job, neither i prefer to tell people around me that -how was my work today- Because when i do that i feel like a French in convo. I speak and nobody gets it. Who speaks French anyway!

Here few examples for curious people. I had to add this information to a document which i emailed to somebody.

MRTG, though, can ALSO be integrated with GroundWork. If you have MRTG running, or (even better) you install it on the GroundWork server, you can get the integration going in two easy steps:
1) Use Wrappit to point to the MRTG ages. If you have MRTG installed on the GroundWork server, consider enabling SSO features to restrict access to the URL to those who have already logged in to the GroundWork Application.
2) Optionally, set up threshold checks on the RRDs that MRTG creates. See the plugins,, and
You will need to create commands and services to use these, but they are pretty sweet - they get data from rrds and compare to thresholds, detect changes from baseline, do trending, and basically tell you “it’s time to look at your MRTG graphs!”

And i got this email from a colleague

Hello Guys,
Here is the most common MIBs that should be activated first on the all Cisco devices: - WhyReload - snmp-server enable traps envmon
Below there are additional MIBs. I don’t know if they can be useful for us, but let’s activate them also for test and see what info they can provide.
. - ipOutNoRoutes !=0 => routing problems - snmp-server enable traps ospf errors
        1 cospfIfConfigError
        2 cospfVirtIfConfigError

(and goes on)

Now how does my life seem to you? Any clues about what i do in work? Well i just wanted to show you why i do not prefer to see any computer especially when i go out from the office. This insane..