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Road Trip Essentials

A custom check-list to be checked eventually

  • Passport and driving license
  • Mobile phone - you know for GPS purposes etc. 
  • Roadmap 
  • Company - Not more than 4 including the driver and right ppl to travel with 
  • Laptop - in case of taking notes by some inspiration 
  • Camera - to make it unforgettable
  • Water bottles and a portable cooler - to be able to store them in trunk 
  • Food - chocolate, so still you can spontaneously stop by local road restaurants and try something new (food depends on route though)
  • Suncream - a must have if it’s a convertible auto
  • Music 
  • Engine ingredients - no matter how reliable vehicle you have
  • Sunglasses + backup clothes maybe
  • Credit card
  • No books - if you don’t want to enjoy the view and company stay home right
  • And most of all a destination worth the time taken

Did I forget something? Pls let me know

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My Sports Teams

Teams that I favor

I like football, not the American version, real one.
My favourite teams are Galatasaray, Manchester United and Dynamo Kyiv and Redbull Racing
I actually like watching sports from Le Tour De France to F1. Especially beach volley it’s more fun than football if you’re not watching it from telly.

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My Favourite Type of Street Food

Stuffed mussels

This is something you can easily find in the streets of any Mediterranean country. Fresh and natural!

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Staying Warm During Winter

3 Ways I follow to feel warm in cold

1. if you want to stay warm you need to be warm in mind. Something you already know If you’re living in a country famous with it’s cold weather.
Don’t fight against cold - is the first thing I do. I mean you can’t live thinking how cold it is and how badly affecting your life. Yes it can be very challenging to keep being the master of your mind when weather is -22C or more.

2. You don’t have to wear thick but provide resistance against cold. By that I mean keeping body temperature inside as much you can. Okay we can’t go outside with professional skiing suit, that’s why I used -as much you can- because the resistance with our daily clothes will have it’s limit in time and in the open. Also thermal inner liners another choice.

3. Old fashioned but a hip flask, yes. Cognac or something strong like that helps you feel warm. Careful there alcohol actually enlarges blood lines which lowers body endurance to cold. So the best way to consume I figured by years is taking a sip or two and absolutely not drinking like in bar.

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Beginning 2012

What’s going to be different this year

The world we live in isn’t going anywhere in the way of good - I’m sorry but it isn’t. Each year worst things will happen so long as we people keep ignoring our surroundings and acting like we’re the only ones living.

You don’t have to be an oracle or something to see that. Just look at the people’s new years resolution, full of “me”, selfish, probably the same resolution from previous year and most likely lack of vision.

I understand the personal issues, after all we all have a unique life going on but for all the good things we’ve seen in our lives If we can’t give something back to our world as an appreciation, nothing is going to be different than last year.

I mean how many of us planted a single tree last year for example?

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Day 1 of 365 Days Challenge

Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

I hope to:
- Participate more into WWF organisation. I’m serious with that.

As for the plans -these are not daily ones definitely- I plan to:
- Improve my writing and blogging habits. And to resolve these I will follow this 365Days Challenge, Plinky and few ebooks I bought from ProBlogger mayb I try something else too will see..
- First 6 months I plan to get my hands dirty with Java programming. Already got myself a team mate to cooperate and we been working together since November
- And at the end of last 6 months I should have learned Android programming.
- Starting from June I will turn photography as a serious hobby of mine.
- In the last quarter I should have found a proper job. I don’t know if this fits into hopes or plans category but I rather like to list under plans.

Dreams? This one’s a mystery I have many of them but they’re like clouds. Hard to pick one or two even if I ask myself. So I just dream that my hopes and plans will workout in 2012 -I talked like a politician didn’t I?!

Photograph of myself? now? Get the hell out of here :)

My Winter Reading List

I’m not so good catching up with latest novels however I take advantage of not having a telly and my daily read list already full with stuff about my work. There’s no actual reading list me has you see.

So if I have to make a “winter reading list”
- Brief Interviews with Hideous Men from David Foster Wallace
- Something from Niccolo Machiavelli. Hopefully this time my father won’t think that I got a Machiavelli book for him and it will be in my flat lol
- Something from The Guardian’s “The 100 greatest non-fiction books" list

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When I Started Using the Internet

Regularly, at home.


I remember very clear, in 1999 we had a dial-up internet subscription at home and I was 14 years old. To prevent the massive land-line phone bills I was able to use internet for a limited time but at least daily (but you know I caused massive bills).

Those times I had no idea what to do with internet, simply there were no one to use and communicate via emails in my class this is also how Google+ users feeling today I bet. Anyway it is also when I first met with spam mails lol.
But I figured quickly what to do with it, Yahoo provided a website building service called Geocities and I was trying to make a website about planes putting their photos and their specifications… Planes were just a tool to learn the process of building web pages you know, I was curious about both internet and computers. Too bad I didn’t have any bright idea rather then some stupid plane.
And problem of those days there were not much of websites to visit, imagine no Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.. so I visited Metallica’s website daily -with my weak English (still weak lol) with a dictionary in my other hand (yes, no Google Translate or on-line dictionaries either) and like it was going to make a difference knowing that they will have a concert in Austin TX assuming you’re 14 yo and living on the other side of the world comparing to concert location lol

Wow It’s been twelve years.. That curiosity brought me a computer engineering degree. And I don’t seem to regret it.

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How I Relax

After a long stressful day

Quiet simple I just take a shower.
To turn this into a comfy zone you can try a dim light, a calming music (if you’re not ok with silence at that moment) grabbing a bottle of cold beer or a cup of coffee and if you have any power left to read something you may try reading anything but horrible news. And ofc no telly.
That’s what I do. Aint much else to do anyway lol

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The Last Time I Saw Someone from High School

The moment you realise years passing like minutes.

It’s like 8 years ago I saw some of them in person. One of us lost his mother and we had to pay a visit you know.

I remember my old classmates, can’t count them all and neither their surnames now.. I have never traced them to catch up with, nor I did within Facebook. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, If I ever have to attend high-school again I would make sure of same school and same ppl in the class. Oh and same teachers if It’s possible; I didn’t like most of those neither they liked me, either way they couldn’t like some rebel or can they :)
Anyway I just hope my old friends are all fine where ever they are.

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